Aether Consciousness

Dodecahedron harmonizers and orgonic amplifiers (and other regular polyhedra)

The fifth element, Aether, was silenced and erased from official culture but now we are recovering it. Aether is the omnipresent medium that connects the subtle with the matter, the medium where light and waves move in the “void” and also the life force (orgone, chi or qi, prana, electrons or ions). Aether is not only a medium but an intelligent information field, where ideas are produced before manifestation (imagination) and memories (akash) are stored.

The regular shape of the Dodecahedron represents Aether (12 pentagonal faces), and is a great harmonizer of spaces and living beings. It also amplifies the effect of any orgonic device we put inside (or crystal or plant) and is the geometric pattern we need to recover more, to help changing from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.

The other platonic solids represent the other 4 elements, that we need to integrate and balance horizontally to be able to verticalize (from mind to consciousness):

We offer Dodecahedrons (and other regular polyhedra) artisan handmade by request, both as Indoor Harmonizers (made of bamboo) and as Outdoor Harmonizers (made of galvanized iron) with different sizes, colors and finishes. And also Electronites.

Polyhedra for Outdoors:

Very resistant to hits and falls, build with galvanized iron (antioxidant) and optionally painted with spray to increase the weather resistance. View models.

Polyhedra for Indoors:

Hand-made with natural bamboo and melted silicone joints suitable to harmonize a living space or room in a quiet place. Must be handled with care and it won’t resist hits, falls or outside wheather. Offering different sizes and finishes. View models.


The electronites are a special type of orgonites (mix of metal chips, quartz and resin) focused to the effective work of ionizing the ambient, made full of aluminium, with white quartz and poliester resin. View models.

Hanging Electronite Spiral 47gr